Work with Rocco

Growth and Healing
are two sides of the same coin.

I am someone people come to when they have tried everything and everyone else.

I upgrade human consciousness and I am exceptionally good at it. I have helped so many people make such radical and lasting transformations; it is both possible, and priceless. If you are really ready to look honestly at what is holding you back, and done with looking away, I can diagnose the real cause in minutes, and help you take the corner in just weeks.

The average human life contains just under 5,000 weeks.  Working with me usually takes less than 9.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

it’s not too big of a statement to say that working with Rocco effectively cured my life-long cycles of depression and encouraged me to live bigger and with less fear. The greatest gift he gave me is my own self-belief.
Bryan Summers
Western Australia
I have turned to multiple counsellors and psychologists, over many years, and never got anywhere because they did not teach me about accepting my own nature. I got more in a few hours than I had in years. He gave me my life back.
Angela Bishop
Los Angeles

I am not a coach, or a mentor, in many ways those words have lost their good meaning. There is not a good fitting word that really gets at what I am, what I do and why that should matter to you. The best perhaps is ‘Detective‘.
If your hope has been murdered by circumstance, if your courage has defaulted on it’s contract , if your purpose is being held hostage by your past mistakes, you might not like at first what I find, but I will solve the case.

For the following intensive approaches, we will only need a finite number of sessions.  Some people arrive willing but not ready, if you are both willing and ready, Shift Happens! 

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

The kind of work people usually reach out to me for:

Psychological Self Repair

We want to reach the end of our day, our week, our month, a relationship even perhaps, and ultimately our life, with minimal regret.
We are the product of our childhood and the dysfunctional, undiagnosed relationship we have with our self.
We all want Forgiveness, Self-Acceptance, we want Reassurance and Encouragement.
I call this Sanity.
I can give that to you. For a price.
And it is priceless.

Conscious Relationship

I know the cost of dragging out a relationship that does not have a future and I know how to repair relationships that do.

If your relationship is meant to be, I will help you save it.

If your relationship is not for you, I will help you accept this, and unwind it with grace and goodwill.

I can teach you (and your partner), how to architect an actually Conscious Relationship that really works.  No spiritual junk-food.

Initial calls are free and take 30 minutes.
Any other enquiries:

About Rocco

What follows the words ‘I am’ is usually part of our Story: the labels and categorisations we attach to ourselves to try and define meaning and how we fit in the world.  When one is in a phase of accelerated evolution, it is less meaningful to label what we are, than to say what we do, and perhaps why we do it.

Besides, we are, what we Choose to be.  Above all i wanted to be remembered for sincerely wanting to be the better man, and the full honest convicted embrace of everything that implies.

What I am doing, is best described as: Public Speaker, Philosopher, Surgeon of the Soul, Spiritual Teacher, Leader, Mentor; All of these and None.

I am.  My ‘why’, is that I believe in the infinite potential of humans.  I know what I came from, the sense of brokenness, disconnection, smallness and shame.

My biggest teachers were grief and trauma.  

There is a formula for changing our stance from brokeness to Wholeness, from disconnection to Connection, from smallness to Greatness and from Shame to Leadership.

I am truly gifted with great understanding and insight on Psychology, Human Behaviour, the nature of the dysfunction we are living with, why it was inevitable, necessary and solvable.  

We are all standing on the threshold of an impossible moment.  We are in an eclipse, looking every which way for signs of where Tomorrow lies.  We are waiting for the light to return, it will not return. We need to become the light.  We need to be the shelter we seek.  We need to give the love we are looking for and we need to create and curate the beauty and sanctuary in the world we have been unable to find and have been yearning so long to encounter.

There are no right or only ways to do this, but right now, there are better and worse ways, and I have the courage and the spirit of defiance in my heart to look always and everywhere for the better ways.  This intention, merged with a keen intellect, some areas of really useful genius, neurodivergence, iron principles, natural gifts for leadership and communication and my hard earned skill of poetry, metaphor and spoken word make me an exceptional teacher and healer and philosopher, without equal.  

When you can embrace radical honesty, when you are committed to the idea that as soon as you know better you do better, that authenticity is a kind of aura you craft through the practice of authenticity, then you do not need the training wheels of modesty.

We can fix this.  All of this, starting with ourselves, then our relationships, then our communities, then all the things we cherish and value in this world.  And I cannot get you on your way fast enough.  

This is a standing invitation: Eyes Wide Open Life was started and always intended as a ‘.org’, I need all the help and goodwill I can get.  Email me or book a call to find out how you can accelerate your own healing and awakening, or how you can get involved.  

I am not looking for followers, I am looking for leaders!