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How you face what you face 

makes all the difference.

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This is an Invitation

This is an Invitation, to deepen the conversation.

We are, each of us, burdened with a powerful call to purpose, a dream that seems too big for us, and hampered at the same time, by a limitation that holds us back. We spend all of our childhood and most of our early adult life trying to fit into a world that seems broken and unwell.

The effort to belong to this world, to our roles, to our identities and to our relationships, even to our work, eventually breaks us and leaves us unwell.

This is an invitation to be reminded again what it might feel like to shed the notions that keep us small, and to believe again that this world was made to be free in.

This work has been a gift to me, a gift to my loved ones and a gift to my clients and my students.

Every gift is an invitation to the deeper gift.

It is who and what I am, and how I work that makes the difference

Make the Investment

Take the time to read this

Dear Visitor

Where are you going in such a hurry? 

What magic words can be shared here in these minutes that will make the deep part of your soul prick it’s ears up and notice that there is something different, something rare, something of immeasurable value here?

What would you give to live without that voice of regret that haunts you when you are alone and in the dark with your own thoughts. What would you give to feel real forgiveness and real acceptance? What would it be worth to you to be at home in your body? What would you endure to belong to the world and to encounter a deep sense of gratitude in that belonging?

Our identities and our roles in our lives and in our relationships, even in our work define expectations of us and whole sets of language that describe how we are expected to show up and feel, labels and language which are actually far too small for the greatness in us that wants to find its own voice and its own way of speaking and showing up authentically in this world.

We inherited our habits, our language and our beliefs from smaller people and more immature versions of ourselves and we inadvertently treated vulnerability like a weakness.

The project of outgrowing our old story and our old inherited conditioning we sometimes call growth or healing. Sometimes the door is forgiveness, sometimes grief processing, sometimes a letting go or an acceptance, sometimes it is a waking up, sometimes a shedding, sometimes a break through. Either way, it is a transcendence, of who we were, towards a more expansive version of ourselves that we are looking to step into.

It is always a realisation that our life is and always had been happening for us, not to us. If you are ready to begin this work, to embrace the mature reality that science and mysticism are two windows onto the same field of discovery, that leadership and vulnerability are not separate, then make the investment.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

it’s not too big of a statement to say that working with Rocco effectively cured my life-long cycles of depression and encouraged me to live bigger and with less fear.
The greatest gift he gave me is my own self-belief.
Bryan Summers
Western Australia
I have turned to multiple counsellors and psychologists, over many years, and never got anywhere because they did not teach me about accepting my own nature. I got more in a few hours than I had in years. He gave me my life back.
Angela Bishop
Los Angeles

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Self Mastery

Psychological Self-Repair

We want to reach the end of our day, our week, our month, a relationship even perhaps, and ultimately our life, with minimal regret.
We are the product of our childhood and the dysfunctional, undiagnosed relationship we have with our self.
We all want Forgiveness, Self-Acceptance, we want Reassurance and Encouragement.
I call this Sanity.
I can give that to you. For a price.
And it is priceless.

Conscious Relationship

I know the cost of dragging out a relationship that does not have a future and I know how to repair relationships that do.

If your relationship is meant to be, I will help you save it. If your relationship is not for you, I will help you accept this, and unwind it with grace and goodwill.

I can teach you (and your partner), how to architect an actually Conscious Relationship that really works.  No spiritual junk-food.

Understanding Archetype

The exploration of the human psyche is a complex and fascinating journey that delves into the depths of our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. One of the most powerful and compelling lenses for this investigation is the concept of Archetypes.

This is a deep and non-trivial exploration of the themes that emerge from the collective unconscious, transcending time, culture, and personal experience. By engaging with archetypal patterns, we gain a greater understanding of ourselves, our motivations, and our potential for growth.

Working with archetypes enables us to tap into the underlying forces that shape our psyches, providing valuable insights and guidance in our quest for self-discovery and personal development. As we delve into these fundamental patterns, we learn to recognize the intricate tapestry of human experience and the ways in which our individual stories intersect with the larger narrative of humanity. Through the exploration of archetypes, we find meaning, foster self-awareness, and ultimately, enhance our capacity for empathy and connection with others.

How I Work

All my work, whether it is seen or received as public speaking, poetry, client work, spiritual coaching, teaching, healing, writing or explaining, is actually grappling with the most fundamental of reality from a human perspective: Our Psychology. To be clear the way psychology is framed and practiced ‘professionally‘ in a modern context, even with effective modalities like CBT, is still comparatively primitive and rudimentary to what is actually fundamental to our experience.

All spiritual context, all mystical experience, all illness or wellness of the mind and the heart, is a factor of our psychology.  This is true for all our ideology, our philosophy, our political convictions, our relationships; the way we feel about our position in the world, what the world means to us in moments, is all about our perception and experience and how that tracks against our expectations.

The most fundamental elements of context for all of human perception, memory, expectation and experience is Archetype. Archetype is a term that was well understood by Jung, but is otherwise widely diluted and misapplied to all sorts of immature psychology or gimmicky tropes we find everywhere from magazine Astrology, to Instagram coaches and corporate HR programs. A far deeper and more profound level of relevance exists in relation to Archetype – The understanding and application of this, is how I am so effective at coaching, teaching and healing. I work through framing and orientating the person in the language which best describes our fundamental psychology, our sense of self and other, how we belong in the world and how we make mature contact with our sense of spirituality and above all, how we connect with our purpose.

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