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Laws of Sanity

The Prize is Sanity. Sanity is the state of clarity, the opposite of Distortion.

  1. Fear is not Danger
  2. Pain is not Injury
  3. Discomfort is not Loss
  4. Equanimity is not Indifference
  5. Vulnerability is not Powerlessness
  6. Enjoyment is not Appreciation
  7. Acknowledgement is not Agreement
  8. Certainty is not Accuracy

Danger exists, Loss exists, Injury exists, and should be avoided with prudence. However not all Fear = Danger, not all Pain = Injury, not all Discomfort = Loss. Discerment is the ability to tell the one from the other. Even in the face of actual Danger, actual Injury or actual Loss, it still pays to apply conscious discerment, arguably it is even more relevant.

Sanity, is not an achieved state of mental health, 
it is a constant practice, 
and the losing of sanity 
is not the domain of the mad or senile. 
It is the everyday predicament we fall into, 
when in our anger or our fear, 
or our wholesale attachment 
to thoughts and feelings, 
we lose perspective, 
and we suffer a kind of forgetfulness 
of what truly matters most.


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