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Consent is not The Prime concept, but from the context of Self-Ownership, it is the Prime concept since, it is the way a Self defines a boundary. Consent is the primary expression of Will, by which a Container can be created.

Consent is absolutely foundational to all the work and content. When this is misunderstood, all the other Concepts, Archetypes and Practices are eroded of Meaning.

Boundaries are the distance at which I can love you and me simultaneously.”

Pretis Hemphill
Consent is
- a knocking at the door,
and being prepared equally
to be welcomed within
or to leave the gift of grace
on the step,
without trying 
to slip the calling card of expectation 
beneath the mat.

The Understanding and Practice of Consent is influenced by, but more expansive than, the original articulaton of Consent by Dr Betty Martin.

Giving & Receiving in its ideal form is practiced via Consent.

Specifically Consent can only be asked of and given by an Adult, that is not someone of legal drinking age but a spiritual or psychological adult.

When you are not in relationship with an Adult, at best you can practice Expectation Management.

Consent is not simply saying “yes”, it is an embodied and enthusiastic yes, or else it is a “no”.

Consent can only be said to be given when both parties understand what they are consenting to, and are truly free to say ‘No’.

Why is it so foundational an important, is that if your No does not mean No, your yes means absolutely nothing.

Relationships which exist without practicing Consent are relationships of wounding and neglect, of both your own true self and the of other. Any Container created without Consent cannot be said to be a conscious container, and the fundamental principle at play will be Non-Being / Fear, that is, it will not be Being / Love.


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Other Sources

The Wheel of Consent is a concept originated by Dr Betty Martin

Mending Wall by Robert Frost – A poem exploring the themese of Boundaries and Consent

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