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Being & Non-Being

Readers should take care to disambiguate these from the Buddhist concepts of Being and Non-Being.

In the context we are referring to, Being and Non-Being relate to the foundational principles of the Duality of existence, in all contexts: Physics and Metaphysical that is Physical and Spiritual.

Being can be best ambiguated with Love, that is not romantic love, but the Vector of opening up, expansion, moving towards.

Non-Being can be best ambiguated with Fear, that is conscious and unconscious expressions of closing down, contracting, moving away.

Being however is not necessary Good and Non-Being Evil. This is a common misunderstanding. Each have higher and lower (shadow) expressions and are both absolutely essential and foundational to Creation and Existence.

Our expressions of Love are Curiosity, Growth and Connection.

By definition, all natural (organic) life and all synthetic life, has a self-destruction principle in-built, given that it is powered initially by Non-Being / Fear, unless it is consciously concieved from a stance of Being / Love. Huimans can Choose to create or instantiate from a stance of Being or Love.

The Heart centre (chakra) psychologically is the mediator between the two default vectors, which is why ‘Coming from the Heart‘ or ‘Starting in the Heart’ , ‘Choosing Love over Fear‘ and Conscious Choice are so key to Stable Mutual Actualisation. The only escape vector human as individuals or as a species, or groups of any size can foster is via Being, via Love, the tendency towards Curiousity, Growth and Connection.

Fear is not innately bad, if it is an accurate signal marker for Danger; t is what keeps organic unconscious life alive and continuing.

Similarly creation and producing, mutliplying, persisting, containing can all be done from a stance of Non-Being, which we call refer to as synthetic. This is evident in the shadow expression of producting, expanding, multiplying, persisting of toxic culture, cancers, capitalism, social media. Cultures and Capitalism are not innately evil, but if they are created and enshrined without Conscious Choice, and deliberately instantiated from a stance of Being / Love, the invariable outcome will be Non-Being, that is predatory, dominating, consuming, stagnating, blooming.

Algae is absolutely crucial to life on Earth. Algae blooms happen in synthetic bodies of water or in organic bodies of water where the natural equillibrium has been unbalanced by a sudden change or by human intervention. Cancers mimic healthy organic cell growth, but lack the moderating heuristics which maintain equillibrium, being disconnected in signal from the organs and organisms they affect.

Our expressions of love can just as easily be assumed to be Love, but can often be motivated, sustained, or founded on Fear such as enduring, pleasing, settling, enabling, co-dependence etc.

The Signal of Life is Iteration and Variation. This can best be observed in the way a tree forks recursively, in the confluence and delta pattern of rivers, of veins and arteries, of nerves, which we describe as fractal recursive design. The aspect of existence that governs the forking / branching / bifurcation, that is (iteration), is Non-Being.



Being is depicted by Vishnu – the Preserver

Non-Being is depicted by Shiva – the Destroyer (of the Illusion)

Elemancy (Geomancy)

Being is depicted in Elemancy (Geomancy) as Albus (White).

Non-Being is depicted in Elemancy (Geomancy) as Rhubeus (Red).


Eyes Wide Open Life Wiki



Conscious Choice

Other Sources

The online lecture on Quantum Consciousness by Eyes Wide Open Life (YouTube)

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