“Rocco's unique combination of life experience, curiosity, courage and an unrelenting commitment to the truth have coalesced into a truly unique and powerful individual.
He sees the world in a way nobody else does, and articulates what the nature of it in a way nobody else can.”

Nic Gregoriades, author & entrepreneur

it’s not too big of a statement to say that working with Rocco effectively cured my life-long cycles of depression and encouraged me to live bigger and with less fear. The greatest gift he gave me is my own self-belief.
In so many ways, Rocco helped me to rapidly make sense of my many negative thought patterns borne of my upbringing… and let them go. By helping me to engage with my discomfort I was able to reconcile with my shame and lack of self-worth. I have quietened my inner self-critic that I’d given far too much airtime my whole life. And it’s not too big of a statement to say that working with Rocco effectively cured my lifelong cycles of depression and encouraged me to live bigger and with less fear.

When it comes to feeling well, he taught me that no one else is coming. I’m still a work in progress but now I know that I can lead myself as opposed to waiting to find the right ‘thing’ to rescue me. I must become someone worthy enough to lead myself. I need to be my own shelter and be the light for others by leading by example.
Bryan Summers, Designer
Western Australia
Number one is Rocco's heart. He cares deeply. I can feel it. Secondly is his kindness.

And third is his immense and practical knowledge gleaned through a lifetime of self learning and hard-knock. He has distilled it all into bite-sized, manageable chunks for immediate application!

I have encountered many coaches within and outside sports, but Rocco is unique in every way. I appreciate his beautiful Socratic style of asking me questions, until I am forced to face everything that is keeping me from being my best self. Working with Rocco has definitely not been a meandering journey of self-discovery and chance, the straight-talk, uncanny ability to crack my armour and cut to the heart of a human being's core issue, is priceless.

What price can I attach to fulfilment in my life, my work and my relationships? My heart is so full and I love my life!
Lawrence Dunning, Property Developer, Marathoner, BJJ Black Belt, Podcaster & dedicated Father
What a mensch! He upgrades human consciousness, and he is utterly peerless in what he can do.

I have dedicated my life to understanding all the practices and habits of successful and extraordinary men and I an honestly say there was my life before working with Rocco and my life after doing that work.

He has given me my most precious treasure: my model of leadership which I can apply to myself.

He can distil the most complex nuanced issues and help me open my eyes in ways that have allowed me to upgrade my perspective and my consciousness and accelerate my own healing and growth in ways I am not sure I would ever have to come to without his courage of straight-talk, integrity and authenticity.
His combination of intelligence, openness and vast life experience have coalesced into a person who understands the unique challenges that we face in the modern world. More importantly, he has unique insights on how those challenges can be met head on and overcome, with grace.
Nicholas Gregoriades, Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster and Elite Men's Coach
Los Angeles
My work with Rocco has helped me so much.

Throughout my professional life and military career, I have been seen as a person who has the answers, a strong leader and role model who can get results in most circumstances.

Underneath the collared shirt and facade, however I was overwhelmed by a mountain of guilt, shame and insecurity that had me constantly feeling anxious, unworthy, disconnected, unhappy, and not in control.

Working with Rocco, in really just 7 weeks, helped me overcome some psychological weight that has negatively controlled my life for the past 9 years. It has given me the confidence to lead my life, the freedom to exercise my power to manifest my 'chosen' purpose.

This is a place I haven't occupied for a long time - perhaps ever.

I am incredibly blessed to be the beneficiary of Rocco's experience and teaching and can honestly say that my life can is now clearly separated into before I met Rocco and after.
Michael Chant, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Philanthropist
Canberra, ACT
Rocco has an unfiltered, grounded and intimate presence online; brings home the truth that no one is coming. The work starts with self-actualisation which can often be masked on social media. No Bullshit. No Façade. True authenticity. Very honest and real.
Valerie Deady, Blogger, Teacher and Artist
Rocco has proven to have profound clarity and insight on so many topics; he is an open tap from which the wisdom that our generation needs to hear, simply flows. Truly an inspiring self-actualised human being.
Luis Kreimerman, Music Producer and Mindfulness Instructor
McAllen, Texan
I cannot give Rocco enough credit for his work and crucial message to humankind. His understanding of the human experience is a true inspiration as is his understanding of the world around us. His teachings are so powerful, he does not beat around the bush but rather encourages me toward a realistic philosophy which serves me very well.
Fouzia Coeztee, Busy mother, Poet
Cape Town, South Africa
Rocco has ability to explain complex philosophical concepts in simple, practical terms. His approach comes from a lifetime of searching for the better path. It does not come from a single ideology and as such, has been refined to get to the point faster and with more depth. It comes free from dogmatic restrictions which allows for easier adoption. His work has encouraged me to think more deeply about purpose, intention and the value of my action.
Lachlan Hanly, Podcast Listener
Perth, Western Australia

let me give you the ultimate gift

I am the person people come to when they have tried everything and everyone else.  

I upgrade human consciousness and I am exceptionally good at it.  

I have helped so many people make such radical and lasting transformations; it is both possible, and priceless.  

If you are really ready to look honestly at what is holding you back, and done with looking away, I can diagnose the real cause in minutes, and help you take the corner in just weeks.

The average human life contains just under 5,000 weeks.  Working with me usually takes less than 9.