Stepping Through

The transformative power of stepping through the door of straight talk, vulnerability and deep understanding. 

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The hardship of the journey is matched, exactly to the value of the prize and the greatness of the soul who dares the way.

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About the Process

Sometimes the best cure is, tearing the band-aid off, and clearing the wound.

Stepping Through, is both a safe container and a powerful crucible of vulnerability, frankness and deep understanding, wherein guests of the show are invited to share their raw truth, as host Rocco shares the love of cutting straight-talk and the powerful and transformative medicine of understanding. The aim, always, is to help guests process and move through areas of stuckness that are holding them back in some way and to level up in their awareness and mastery of self. Rocco has a growing practice as a spiritual teacher & healer of deep psychological wounds and stuckness.

Stepping Through is recorded and published largely unedited, for the benefit of the most transformative growth & healing for the guest and the gift of understanding and compassion for the listeners.

If you would like to participate in this project of vulnerability and courage, submit your application above.

I am generally quite reluctant to recommend things to people, particularly in the realm of personal growth given what a personal, intimate and individualised journey that is, but this I do recommend.

Rocco is for people who want to make a profound impact in the world, who are seeking to establish their ‘voice’ in the world, who are brave about their personal evolution, who are curious about their path in life, who are bold in their aspirations
—or who seriously want to be.

My own experience of working with Rocco was that I became better able to bring my fullest, realest self to the journey of finding my voice in the world. It has been a gift for me: everything gets easier when I’m in my deeply authentic form.

Rowan Belchers, Founder Lockstep Consulting


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Copy, Art, Design, Philosophy and Layout by Rocco Jarman.


All my work, my life, is in the service of Project Shaduf.

Power is the measure of energy you refuse to waste or give away in the pursuit of acceptance.

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