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Join host Rocco Jarman and Guest host Sarah Elkhaldy leading a discussion on Quantum Reality, Consciousness and Actualisation of the Collective Soul and fielding questions from the audience in an intimate online event.


  • EDT: Wednesday May 18, 3PM (UTC-4)
  • UTC: Wednesday May 18, 7PM
  • BST: Wednesday May 18, 8PM (UTC+1)
  • AWST: Thursday May 19, 3AM (UTC+8)
  • AEST: Thursday May 19, 5AM (UTC+10)

Check your local time on the booking page.

90 mins.

US$29 per ticket.


About the Event

This is the first in a series of Online Interactive Events, discussing topics related to the nature of reality, consciousness and the challenges of the present moment in the context of reconciled Science and Spirituality, in a thoughtful engaging manner.

The 90 minutes session will be structured as brief talks and presentations followed my moderated Q&A.



About the Hosts

Rocco Jarman

Rocco is a Philosopher, Poet and Mystic, with a deep understanding of Hermetics and Psychology, whose game changing work in Mindfulness modalities, psychological self-repair, inner-child work, consciousness and the nature of reality form the core of popular courses and programs aimed at self-discovery and psychological self-repair and his command of poetry and archetypal language make him one of the most impressive thinkers and teachers in the present moment.

He is the creator and host of the Eyes Wide Open Life podcast and Spiritual teacher and mentor of a new Way, called simply The Way.

He is also a mindfulness coach teaching new modalities of meditation, emotional intelligence and competency, inner-child healing, conscious relationship and life mastery as part of the effective Alchemy Program.

Sarah Elkhaldy

Sarah Elkhaldy, aka The Alchemist, is a mystic, spiritual teacher, and spoken word performing artist, widely known as a leader in the field of Spirituality and the esoteric arts.

Her instructive videos on YouTube have over 1 Million views to date, like mini TED talks on the nature of reality and the human spiritual evolution.

She considers it her work to connect the higher with the lower; the outer world with the inner world. With an online community consisting of hundreds of thousands of awakening souls, it is her highest honor to assist humanity’s evolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quorum Aletheia is a series of Interactive Online Events presented by covering topics where Science and Mysticism Overlap, bringing Disclosure on these deep and fundamental areas in a manner that thoughtful, intelligent and engaging.

  • Quorum is the minimum number of members of a deliberative assembly necessary to conduct the business of that group.
  • Aletheia is Disclosure of Truth, rather than Revelation.  Revelation requires passive engagement, where Disclosure requires Active engagement.

The details of the event are provided on the booking page, attendees are encouraged to check their local date and time.

The best really is to come along and see for yourself.

The videos for past events will be hosted on the Eyes Wide Open Life YouTube channel, and will become available a week or so after the live event.  Links will be sent to the ticket holding participants.

Unfortunately tickets are not refundable, but if you wait a week or so, the recorded event will be available on the Eyes Wide Open Life YouTube channel.

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