"Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity."
Horace Mann

to be a leader is to understand that doing something imperfectly
with the right intent; 

a willingness to take on feedback and commitment to improve, requires no time to get started and no barriers to starting, it should also require no permission and carry no risk of blame if mistakes are made.

Eyes Wide Open Life is underwritten by a blend of established and emerging scientific and philosophical rigour, as well as a the significant insights and philosophy of the founder.  UItimately the aim is to help stem the tide of dysfunction and insanity that is capturing our daily life and is affecting all our relationships and projects of wellbeing, and to provide people with a effective and authentic means to marshal their own psychology and Reason in the service of Stable Mutual Actualisation.

These are the current and pending projects designed to further those aims.


Eyes Wide Open Life Podcast

The Flagship podcast of Eyes Wide Open Life.  The purpose of the Episodes are to provide a distillation on thousands of hours of digesting podcast, books and articles and provide the distilled understandign to the listeners. Subjects range from Leadership, Philosophy, Psychology, Behavioural science and centre on the ways in which we can better understand our selves, our relationships and the way the world is, in the context of a growing crisis for meaning.  

There is great Medicine in Understanding.  The Episodes do aim not tell you want to think, only rather How to think. The side-quest of this podcast is to elegantly merge Science and Mysticism in ways that do credit to both.  

Features Guests and Solo Episodes.

The MojoDojo Online

The purpose of the MojoDojo is to provide subscribers with a regular progressive lessons, reminders, practices and concepts that they can use to effectively steer their own mental health, wellness and actualisation in all areas of life, resources and engagment which are distinguished from everything else on the internet by the level of discernment and elegant weaving of science and spirituality without resorting to Pseudo-science, spiritual junk food, or carbon copy of the glut of self-help influencer style bullshit currently online.   

The MojoDojo is ideal for someone looking to level-up inner-child healing, relationships, parenting, conscious embodiment, emotional intelligence to maintain sanity and strengthen our connection with Purpose in the face of the relentless onslaught of modern Life. 

Invitations are open for Soft-launch group; click the link below to learn more and be part of the Intitial Launch Group.

Eyes Wide Open Life WIKI

The purpose of the WIKI is provide anyone who happens by the website, a repository of the IP, Philosophy, Concepts and Practices which are completely ‘Open Source’ and Gratis.  We want the world to be well and the Medicine is Understanding. Better language is the key to Better Understanding. 

The WIKI is arranged by Categories of Concepts, Archetypes, Definitions and Practices which span the Philosophy of Eyes Wide Open Life, and the complex projects of Psychological Self-Repair, Behavioural Science, Philosophy, Inner-child healing and other distillations from the Accepting Your Nature Course and Alchemy Program.

The Articles are added ‘just-in-time’ on request, so it is constantly growing when we have the time.  (We are looking for back-end curators.)

Click on the link below to explore the growing WIKI and see how you can Contribute.

Finding Tribe Podcast

Community is Everything.
Hosts Husband and Wife, Rocco and Dympna dicuss the value of community and the options we explore finding our Tribe and securing a circle of love around ourselves and our daughter. It is no sign of good health to be well adjusted in a profoundly sick society, and we know while there are no right or only ways, there have to be better ways!
We are looking for better ways. 

This is a prayer of sorts; -we don’t exactly know yet what we’re going to say, or who exactly will be listening, but, if we speak our truth out into the world, but if we share our philosophy on life, relationship, parenting and community, we may just end up, Finding Tribe.

Engineering Utopia Podcast

A collaboration between Rocco Jarman and Simon Drew.  Weekly discussions on the dysfunction of and deterioration of our Ideologies, social norms and systems, asking what better might look like, and very robust candid exploration of, how we might practically lean that way, as individuals and communities as we tackle the ongoing crisis of Meaning.  Rocco and Simon are the Founders of Eyes Wide Open Life and The Walled Garden respectively.

We accept topics for discussion. Follow the link below to learn more or see how you can partipate.

Launching January 2023

RocketSprocket Poetry & Art Project (IG)

A collection of perennially poignant thoughts, quotes and deeply inspirational captions.  

This is the core passsion project of Rocco Jarman: Short daily reads to provide thought provoking and deeply stirring guidance, inspiration and context, all in the vein of Leadership, Psychological Self-Repair, Enlightenment, Awakening, Consciousness, CompassionCritical Thinking and Self-Ownership from Rocco’s perspective and vocation as a Poet / Philosopher as he trawls the depths of the human experience, in its seasonality of love, grief, adversity and forgiveness. All the work is eminently sharable.

“Someone might spend hours digesting and reflecting his work”

“Always so on point.”

Since 2018.

If you are called to contribute to or participate in any of these projects in any way
Reach Out!

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