If the way is not seeking better ways, it is not The Way

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We are so incredibly empowered right now. We are standing on the threshold of the impossible moment. But we are overwhlemed and our cleverness and business has over-reached our wisdom and ability to integrate.  Project Shaduf is the container of an idea, a belief in and exploration of the notion that humanity can direct its own conscious evolution, and better ways always exist.

Project Shaduf is the stewardship of a collection of innovative humanitarian projects aimed at improving pscyhological and spiritual wellness, conscious human evolution, the pursuit of the human potential and greater social appreciation and cohesion.


Be ashamed to die, until you have won some victory for humanity.


Let's Play The Game

Public discourse & debate philosophy, framework and pledge of conduct to facilitate optimal human co-operation, coherence and conflict avoidance and resolution without compromise to the integrity of the individual.

These projects are deeply relevant, vitally important and raw, currently waiting on patronage, support and engagement. In the meantime kindly explore the premise and the value proposition by following the links. 

If any of these resonate strongly with you, and you have the means to advance them or boost the signal, reach out!

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What would I want?

This is the courageous bleeding heart at the centre of the Golden Rule:
“What would I want?”
“What does Love look like right now”.

For all the ways human beings might connect, flourish and actualise as individuals and as a species while still respecting and valuing the individuality of others, these two questions lie foundationally and fundamentally in the heart of an overdue ‘common ideal’.


Stable Mutual Actualisation

What nobler life of greater meaning and purpose could possibly exist than to be part of the generation who created, through sacrifice and compassion, the launchpad from which our entire species could outgrow our current troubling limits?

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The Cost of our Allowing

There is a devouring cancer in this world that wants to leach soul from everything. It thrives on apathy and a lack of discernment. The algorithms have already beaten you. But it’s not too late.

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What is

Stable Mutual Actualisation


If the way is not seeking better ways, it is not The Way

Project Shaduf is all about speeding up the way we understand and improve ourselves and our society. We aim to clear up confusion about the challenges we’re facing right now, explain why old approaches aren’t cutting it, and create new ways of thinking and communicating that bring us closer to our true potential. Our ultimate goal is to unify our understanding of what humans can achieve, offer fresh perspectives that matter to people, and promote well-being for everyone.

Project shaduf exists to enable humanity with an accelerated awakening and a pathway to stable mutual actualisation, via: Dissemination of clarity and understanding about our current predicament, individually and societally; Explaining why the old ways and old paradigms are effectively redundant, too slow, skewed, or indirect; and Creation of new paradigm and development of a new language that can facilitate more direct connection with the universe.

The essential objectives are to articulate a unifying understanding of the human potential, the context of our meaning and the potential of our species, and to explore and develop different streams of context and relevance to for those who seek prosperity for all.

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