Join poet, philosopher, artist, and teacher Rocco Jarman as he explores the important questions about the human experience at the levels of Self, Relationships & Business while unpacking philosophical, scientific or mystical concepts in ways that can be reconciled, understood and practically applied by anyone ready to do the work.

The podcast episodes are a mix of philosophy, poetry, inner-child work and emerging research that is both grounded in psychology and pragmatic science, without compromising on the primacy of interpersonal connection and the subtle yet beautiful mechanics of the human condition.

The podcast is a proud member of The Walled Garden Network family of podcasts, dedicated to the pursuit of beauty and wisdom wherever it may be found.


Hi, I am called Rocco. 

I started this podcast to develop my own voice, and to provide a means to give voice to other aligned souls who have wisdom and insights to share.  

I am a philosopher, a poet and a writer, above all, I want to be remembered and loved for sincerely wanting to be the better man, and the full honest convicted embrace of everything that implies.

My why, is I believe in the infinite potential of humans. I know what I came from, the sense of brokenness, disconnection, confusion, smallness and shame, and I know exactly how it felt like to outgrow that sense, and how it felt to connect with something that was both deep inside myself and far beyond myself, and that very private sense of gratitude and belonging I encountered in that discovery.

The world is in a bit of a mess right now, we are waiting for the light to return and it will not return; We need to become the light, and EYES WIDE OPEN LIFE is my contribution to that project.

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