how many books? how many podcasts?
how many courses, instagram quotes, workshops...
is it going to take?


Make serious, progressive and lasting headway into your own project of psychological self-repair.

Break cyclic patterns of regression or destructive behaviour.

Heal the deep wounds that persist and make you susceptible to triggering.

Deepen your knowledge of self and cultivate Self-Love

Attain serious self-mastery, resilience and composure regardless of the psychological circumstance life presents you with.

Learn how to architect a really conscious relationship.

Connect with your Purpose.

life happens off the mat.

the MojoDojo is Coming!


Two persistent challenges keep showing up: One is that we already have good basic tools, but we lack the presence of mind to apply them in the moment, and Two is that we have some good ideas, some bad and a poor sense of discernment as to how to qualify better ideas over worse ideas when our default is not self-love and we are not used to practicing self-love.

The two solutions are Perspective and constructive Reminders. So often, we need reminders, more than we need new answers.

Practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu taught me what all our approaches of healing and growth are missing:

Pick a modality, stick with it, repeat, refine, keep showing up, integrate and level up.

What Can I Expect?


  1. Self Mastery & Accepting Your Nature
  2. Emotional Competency
  3. Actual Conscious Relationship
  4. Effective Mindfulness Practices
  5. Flow & Pursuing Purpose
  6. Agile Living 



Weekly 1 hour sessions (online ) covering: Lesson, Revision, Coaching, Q&A, Homework with Notes and Practices included.



The full sessions are recorded and all notes will be provided to all members each week, plus the full back-catalog of all previous sessions.



– inner-child healing
– self-soothing
– facing discomfort
– shadow integration
– emotional competency
– communication
– conscious relationships
– inspiration & motivation
– conscious parenting
– managing anger
– psychological self-repair
– conscious embodiment & somatics
– managing addictions
– actualisation and purpose
– mindfulness and meditation
– forgiveness and healing
– processing grief and trauma
– conscious eating
– regulating sleep
– understanding men
– understanding women
– deprogramming from religion

How is this Different / Better?


For anyone on a growth or healing path, we tend to constantly pursue new practices, new books, new podcasts.  The reason is that we are searching for answers which will lead us forward and help us outgrow and evolve.  The problem with that is, without regular reminders, it simply slips away and gets lost in the swirl of everything else.  We have after all been collecting dozens of previous tips, practices and gems of wisdom, and still somehow fail to integrate them.

 One of the key reasons MojoDojo is shaped along the modality of a Dojo, is because of a powerful lesson I learned when practicing and playing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I had a brilliant instructor who had a seasonal schedule of lessons, that focussed on chains of foundational basics and ways to put them into practice, that would build on each other over a week and then switch at the end of the week. Eventually, if you paid attention, within three to six months, we were covering the same ground again, and it never felt stale, it allowed the players to slowly and steadily build their competence and to integrate what they were learning

 This approach is where the MojoDojo is unique. 

 The underlying approach is this: Pick a modality, stick with it, repeat, refine, keep showing up, integrate and level up.

The Methods, Concepts and Practices we will be leaning into each week are already being used with phenomenal success by my Clients.  But seeing one person at a time, is time prohibitive for me and the Client.  What I have put together is the culmination of Thousands of hours, over 5 years of relentless study and exploration into the fundamentals of the all the knowledge, concepts and practices that allowed me to make profund and enduring changes to my perspective, my relationship with myself, my mental-health, my fitness, sense of peace and so valuable, my connection with Purpose.  They are relatable and applicable to anyone ready to do the work.


The MojoDojo is NOT a: bro-psychology, mastermind group (money making scheme), static course or workshop.   

The MojoDojo is a Dojo.  You show up for weekly lessons, you keep showing up, you do the homework, you test in PROD (Life happens off the mat) and then you come in each week and get a chance to do some revision, ask questions, get some coaching and build incrementally on your Understanding as you Integrate and Practice your way iteratively to Actualisation.

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