When you can find no one worthy to lead you, you have to become worthy to lead yourself.



Please take the time to sit with the terms and the questions. We are very discerning in our application process, to ensure you the most rewarding experience.


These are the terms of engagement all the members agree to.

  1. Respect: Every participant is expected to treat their peers and mentors with respect, recognizing the value in each person’s unique abilities and insights.
  2. Integrity: Honesty in all interactions is imperative. We are here to grow, and authenticity and vulnerability are essential for that growth.
  3. Confidentiality: What is shared in the mentorship program stays within, creating a secure container for everyone to share of themselves fully.
  4. Participation: Active engagement is encouraged. You get out what you put in.


This is the Ethos GFC will be run by (see below for definitions)

  1. Unsolicited Challenge: None of the attributes we are seeking to actualise and evolve become living gifts to us without us being open to and accepting of ‘unsolicited challenge’.
  2. Evolving Container: This container will be a living, growing, evolving thing. This agreement is a living thing and will evolve as the learnings and the participants evolve.



In the context of mentorship for actualization acceleration especially among geniuses, an "unsolicited challenge" refers to the intentional questioning or probing by the mentor of a mentee's beliefs, opinions, stances, or self-imposed limitations. Unlike a challenge that a mentee might explicitly seek, an unsolicited challenge is initiated by the mentor without prior request, but with the purpose of catalyzing personal growth and self-awareness.

Such challenges are strategic interventions designed to disrupt cognitive patterns or behavioral norms that may be holding the mentee back from reaching their full potential. They often come in the form of challenging questions, alternative perspectives, or even contrarian viewpoints, forcing the mentee to reconsider long-held assumptions and stretch beyond their comfort zone.

The aim is to create a form of constructive discomfort that facilitates transformation and speeds up the actualization process. By confronting these unsolicited challenges, mentees have the opportunity to reassess their viewpoints, break through self-imposed barriers, and further their journey towards becoming their most authentic selves.

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