When you can find no one worthy to lead you, you have to become worthy to lead yourself.


What renders a neurodivergence into an effective disability is not at all that you are dysfunctional or broken, but that the norms and conventions in our societies, our schools and our businesses effectively disable you because they are built to cater for the average.

Your needs and your gifts are overlooked. People cannot value what you have to offer, because they derive a sense of safety from an order of predictability and ‘sameness’ and you represent disruption and challenge to that order.

Meet weekly and thrive in a raw, athentic space for the gifted and talented who struggle with the average.

Welcome to a one-of-a-kind online mentorship container experience, uniquely tailored for the neurodivergent, gifted and talented  trying to embrace flow and exceptionality.

If you are tired of walking on eggshells, having to simplify your thoughts to fit into ‘the norm’? If you are fatigued from feeling misunderstood or even stifled, it’s time to break free. Fuck that noise.  

In these mentorship containers, we focus on harnessing your unique abilities, restoring your vitality and unlocking true potential across career, work-life, social, family, relationships and parenting..

Here, you will encouter true peers and discover tools for living authentically, navigating complexity, and even finding your tribe—a community that values your uniqueness as much as you do. Join us for a transformative journey where we don’t just scratch the surface; we dive deep into the aspects of self-discovery, self-ownership, and personal growth that blow off the shackles of the lukewarm norm and allow you to step into your own brilliance.

Like Fight-Club for people who are committed to exceptionality and value outcomes above ego.

Talent hits a target no one else can hit;
Genius hits a target no one else can see.


Icarus can hold my beer.

About Rocco

Hi, I am Rocco.

I am a neurodivergent, autodidactic polymath who wants to do amazing things in the world. I worked for 27 years in corporate trying to develop and bend myself into shape to be accepted and valued for my gifts and insights., becoming anxious, depleted, depressed and lonely in the process.

I always had the sense of operating on a different level. The pace of projects and trouble-shooting of any processes, and the pace of change were always painfully slow, and playing ‘by rules’ of the average / the norm,  left me fighting uphill with my hands tied behind my back. I  could never be compelling enough to get  ‘leaders’ and peers to consider what better might look like. 

I finally worked out how to turn my ‘supposed’ weaknesses and flaws into my greatest strengths.

I believe implicity in the human potential, and I believe we are who we repeatedly choose to be. There are better ways to almost everything we are currently stuck doing and I have armed myself with a prodigious amount of highly relelvant knowledge and understanding in the domains of philosophy and psychology, behavioural science and leadership in order to help myself process the systemic abuse and neglect of our corporate culture and societal norms.

I am now connected deeply with my purpose, working in flow, actualising through the context of my work, my personal development and my special relationships, and I want to guide others to the level of self-awareness, authenticity and self-permission we are looking for, to allow our gifts to live in the world.

I would love for you to join me in this Journey. 

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