Weekly secular spiritual services, Sunday 7am, Lake Monger

Drinking from a Deeper Well


Sacred does not need to have anything to do with shared ideas of religion or god, or whimsy.  It is simply the answered wish to find something deep, foundational and beautiful about this world and our sense of private gratitude and belonging we get from that discovery.


This is a ‘pay-by-heart’, weekly non-religious spiritual service that is held on Sundays around sunrise at Lake Monger.

We gather to reflect on life, cycles, seasonality, adversity, communication, obstacles and the deep brooding questions that hang like ancient swords over our hearts.

The sessions take the place of what sermons or homilies would. We are all made tired by what our lives and our commitments ask of us. We all carry wounds and cares, we all struggle to love the world the way we wish to love, we are, many of us waking from a dream of shallowness and distraction, and story, and realizing we are hungry for Meaning.

All are welcome.

The service is non-religious and non-political.


WHEN: Every Sunday 7am 

WHERE: Lake Monger (South West area just off the path) 

WHAT TO BRING: Just yourself, an open heart, and a yoga mat if you want to sit.

The service is about an hour and we all walk around to the North side of the Lake to meet for a coffee and a chat afterwards.


Maturity embraces the reality that there cannot be right or only ways, but there have to be better and worse ways. Maturity is always seeking better ways in the interests of flourishing and actualization. Maturity is amenable to Reason. Maturity compromises and Maturity does not play status or power games. Maturity speaks to the moment and listens. Maturity favors honesty above modesty. Maturity acknowledges Vulnerability.

Maturity appreciates nuance. In the face of impasse, Maturity seeks the third transcendent perspective. Maturity forgives, and Maturity assumes responsibility with Grace. Maturity does not ask immaturity for permission. 

Maturity does not blame. 

Maturity enshrines the golden rule: make choices and behave in the world, as you would wish others to behave and make choices on your behalf, if you were equal in vulnerability and need to the most most vulnerable and the most in need.


If you are interested in attending, come along at the location on the map provided below.

We are also inviting musicians to collaborate with us to enrich the depth of the experience. If you would like to 

If you believe you can be of service please get in touch.

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