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Beyond The Mat

Advanced complementary wellness practices
applied to in-person programs at your studio.

Expand Your Studio's Horizons. Beyond The Mat is a proven game-changing approach to holistic self-mastery tailored for those navigating the pressures of urban life, corporate demands and general overwhelm.

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How Beyond The Mat Complements Yoga

Yoga, breathwork and meditation help us establish a state of inner coherence and open a dialogue with the genius of our bodies.

Beyond the Mat capitalises on that learned ability to restore that state of inner coherence and the tapping of that genius, to upgrade our language, self-talk and understanding across all the other areas of our life.

If yoga, breathwork and meditation are the way to establish the internet connection and improve the clarity of that connection, BEYOND THE MAT is the way to upgrade the operating system, upgrade the browser, download new updates and create a new map by which to explore the boundless internet of human potential.

How it Works

Step 1
We meet to determine mutual fit and setting expectations, where I answer your questions and learn about your Studio’s culture and vibe.

Step 2
We work out which times and session types you would like to trial. You promote the session(s) to your members and we trial the offering.

Step 3
We proceed to build our personal & professional relationship based on results and feedback.

In-person (Perth) or Online

Currently I am working with Perth Based Yoga studios (30 kms from CBD)
Online facilitation is available —your members can join online sessions from anywhere.

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Beyond The Mat by Rocco Jarman

The Essentiality and Limitation of Yoga

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Sample a Session

This is an example of the Soul Speaking modality which I recorded to showcase my work and demonstrate the impact that this modality can have and how it can deepen the induction into mindfulness.

"CLOSE YOUR EYES and be Guided Home..."

HINT: You will need good earphones and to be lying down—eyes closed—to get the full intended return from this track. Safe Travels 😉

Hi I'm Rocco, I love what I do

I spent the first half of my life trying to play by the rules and I ended up very depleted, disconnected and overwhelmed.

Now I spend my life doing what I love, devoted to my purpose so that other people can get closer to theirs.

I craft beautiful words,
I design beautiful processes,
I facilitate beautiful spaces and
I create beautiful experiences.

That is my profession.
That is my occupation.
That is my calling.

That is my purpose.

I am excited to share what I have invested my love, my talents and my life energy into. Please explore the offerings below and reach out if you would like to meet.

Explore the Offerings

Beyond the Mat is an in-studio offering that builds on the foundational benefits of Yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation to address the deeper complexities of our personal narratives. It enhances self-understanding and upgrades our internal dialogue, giving all yoga and mindfulness practitioners a new dimension in wellness practices.

Beyond The Mat is a service you can extend to your members, hosted in your studio, at timeslots that suit your schedule and member profile. A range of offerings which expand the scope and relevance of your studio, and covers instruction, growth and practice in areas that complement the existing Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation you already provide.

Here are the 4 types of Sessions I currently run:

Reflection, inspiration and encouragement, guaranteed to provide medicine to the understanding and nourishment to the soul.

Regular drop-in Sessions that speak to the soul.

Participants enjoy an eyes-closed, non-meditative mindfulness and reflection session covering a single theme or topic common to the human condition.

The sessions create a nourishing space for participants to process the psychological and emotional burdens we all carry, with encouragement, inspiration and stirring language to facilitate traction and integration.

Like a daily cup of living wisdom that speaks to the human soul—a great way to start the day or wind down at the end of a busy one.


Deeper Connection: when we can see the beauty in our struggles, we can connect more deeply with our whole truth.

Encouragement, Inspiration and Fortitude: So often what we are struggling with is less poor mental health than a kind of neglected ‘spiritual health’.

This 4-week arc/course would suit anyone who is motivated to explore personal development & wellness through deeper understanding of themselves

This course is designed to empower participants with the tools needed to regulate their mental health, eliminate negative self-talk, and overcome feelings of helplessness in their psychological and emotional lives. 

By addressing key areas such as Behaviour, Motivation, Shadow, Generational Trauma, this course equips individuals with the necessary skills to transform their approach to self-love and self-empowerment.


Reclaim your mental bandwidth.

Better navigate your highs & lows.

Regulate your mental health.
Improved Emotional Competence.

Eliminate negative self-talk
Keys & Language to elevate self-awareness.

Concepts & proven Practices to progress shadow integration and Inner child work.

This 6-week arc/course to suit anyone trying to remain firmly planted, by creating some cyclic structure in their lives, that is sustainable, psychologically grounding and spiritually nourishing.

We cannot expect our short time on the mat to make up for the chaotic waves that life keeps throwing at us, and the negative self-talk, mental noise, and depletion that goes with it.

The Life Alchemy program is a set of simple practices and cadences that are designed to counter for our very human nature and the chaotic pace of life to complement the work of yoga and meditation we are already doing.


Improved regulation of mental health / reduced mental health spiralling and slumps.

Reduced recursive thinking and regret.

Resolving Guilt and Shame and negative self-talk

Improved Emotional Competence and better conflict resolution.

Effective management of coping habits and vices / Better coping mechanisms

Just enjoy this one cup of Living Wisdom and sit with it today.”

Like a daily cup of everyday wisdom and philosophy that would suit people working on personal-growth arcs or simply trying to regulate their own mental health and bandwidth in the middle of their demanding lives.

Participants enjoy an eyes-open reflection session covering a single theme common to our lives and projects of growth and wellness.

The sessions are each an invitation into a deeper presence and a self-awareness of our mental chatter, our psychological burdens, and a reframing that is inspiring, encouraging and empowering.

The sessions are designed to optimise integration by focussing on one topic that is gently challenging to the story we have going on in our heads and providing a steer into more expansive and empowering mindset.


Improved regulation of mental health.

Optimise Integration with single theme and simple practices. 

Clarifying the personal-growth project with simplicity, focus and relatability.

Reframe complex emotions, including Shame, Guilt and Regret with perspectives that uplift and empower.


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