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Eyes Wide Open Life is a business dedicated to the art and practice of living a life of self-ownership, mindfulness, presence, leadership and deep alignment with purpose.



About a journey from brokeness to wellness, the wisdom and profound understanding I encountered and the way I turned my flaws and wounds into a powerful foundation for helping others transform their lives, and a philosophy of ideas that are powerful enough to change the world.

There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. 

That will be the beginning. 

Louis L’amour


As with so many beginnings, it began with a difficult ending.

Life has a way of chipping away at us, especially when we’re steering through it with eyes half-closed. In 2018, I found myself at a crossroads. Struggling through a bitter divorce, stuck in a toxic work environment that drained my spirit, and coping through self-medication—my life was not what I had envisioned. Despite being smart and principled, I was drowning in debt, unfit, overweight, in poor health, anxious, depressed with meaninglessness and self-loathing.

My life didn’t crumble overnight; it was a long, agonizing erosion that unfolded over years. Trapped in a cycle of persevering and pushing boundaries, I tried everything society told me to do when faced with adversity. I was relentless in my pursuit of self-improvement, devouring books, podcasts, and practices—all while failing to realize I was part of the problem.

Everything began to change with a simple yet profound wish: to “be truly well.” This wasn’t a magic bullet, but a catalyst for real introspection and owning the journey. My journey towards wellness wasn’t about adding more to the equation, but about eliminating what didn’t serve me, and pursuing real understanding. I finally understood that perseverance isn’t always noble, and struggle isn’t the same as love.

“It is no sign of good health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick environment.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

I began a much much deeper journey than books and courses could lead me through. The results were nothing less than profound and the insights and wisdom, the practices and deep understanding that I earned have been distilled into the courses, workshops, practices and philosophy which comprise Eyes Wide Open Life.

Through the fog of my trials and tribulations, Eyes Wide Open Life was born. With newfound clarity, I discovered that genuine self-love isn’t about striving to meet external expectations, but about aligning with your authentic self and retrieving that sacred essence we lose somewhere along the hard road: Meaning, Vitality, Connection & Belonging

This brand is an embodiment of that transformation and an invitation for you to embark on your own journey towards living an Eyes Wide Open Life.

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By symbols men have ever sought the thoughts and ideas which transcend language.

Manly Palmer Hall




The philosophy of Eyes Wide Open Life centers around Reason. It is about the pursuit of Meaning, Wellness and sustainable growth, across all aspects of a human life, as well as widening the scope of what we believe is possible as individuals and as a society.

For everything we are doing and struggling with at the moment, there are better way.  Be it inner-child healing, generational trauma, processing grief, trying to make relationships work, parent our children better, balance our demanding work lives with our spiritual growth and wellness, there is an emerging understanding, practices and above all a way to face it all that changes the arduous journey of suffering and shame, into a pilgrimage of daring adventure.

And this does not need to have anything to do with narrow ideological dogma, or any one single belief system or practice. Whatever is effective, skilful and leads us to more fulfulling lives of minimal regret. If the way is not seeking alway better ways, it is not The Way.

Our mission is to provide the tools, insights, and community to transform life’s challenges into opportunities for profound growth and well-being.

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By symbols men have ever sought the thoughts and ideas which transcend language.

Manly Palmer Hall



The Eyes Wide Open Life logo incorporates many of the key aspects of the practices and philosophy that form the basis of ‘the work’. Consciousness, Understanding and Alignment with Purpose and Integrity are like a tide that raises all boats. There is not a single challenge humanity faces, now or in the future, that will not be better served by more Consciousness, more Understanding and more alignment with our sense of Purpose and Meaning.

If you are interested in this depth and quality of brand alignment, reach out.

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