When you can find no one worthy to lead you,
you must become worthy to lead yourself.

No One Else is Coming.

Eyes Wide Open Life is a response to the two powerful truths that I discovered in my own very sincere search for meaningful answers, that Firstly:

when one cannot find what your heart longs for in this world, you are not being punished, you are invited to create it!

and Secondly:

When you can find no one worthy to lead you, you must become worthy to lead yourself.

In waking up to the crisis of Meaning and Understanding which described my own life, as I tried very earnestly to make lasting headway in my project of Wellness, I kept encountering a lot of superstition, sycophantery, bias, ignorance, spiritual junk-food, pseudo-science, shallow copy-cat coaching, influencing, and mindless sharing of other people’s ideas and content which led nowhere.  

Eyes Wide Open Life is the result of many thousands of hours, over 5 years of relentless study and exploration into the fundamentals of the all the knowledge, concepts and practices that allowed me to make profund and enduring changes to my perspective, my relationship with myself, my mental-health, my fitness, sense of peace and so valuable, my connection with Purpose.

Because of my neurodivergence, and lack of formal ‘higher education’, I was able to see gaps and overlaps where others did not, and I have added to that trove of discovery some innovations and contributions myself, which to say they are non-trivial is a serious understatement.  These unique contributions are nothing short of Evolutionary, especially when combined with the known and existing methods, which a growing number of clients are using to heal themselves and make lasting shifts in emotional intelligenc and psychological wellness.

The result is a sublime and brilliant blend of philosophy, human psychology, neurochemistry, poetry, leadership and inner-child healing which anyone can understand and apply, if they are ready to do the work.

All this content is shared as ‘open-source’ and ‘gratis’ as is sustainable.  I am not doing this for attention, or to build a business, I am providing the medicine I could not find, from a place of giving, simply because that is what I would want.

Rocco Jarman, Founder.

“Everything is waiting for You.”

David Whyte