For humans seeking alignment of brand and business engagement with Soul and Calling


There are no ‘right’ ways or ‘only’ ways, but there are assuredly better and worse ways. 

Join us on the journey as we explore the better ways!

A Better Way is an evolving project from Rocco Jarman  and Eyes Wide Open Life, exploring what it will take to address issues facing artists, coaches, creatives and other aligned entrepreneurs as we attempt to make a living sharing our gifts with the world, without compromising our authenticity or our integrity, in a landscape that values anything but.

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Orientation and Alignment of Brand and Reach, through Soul and Calling

We are hosting a 2 hour webinar aimed at Creatives, Artists, Coaches, any aligned entrepreneurs who are looking for wholesome advice and guidance to help them align their branding, their messaging and their reach in what has become a toxic landscape of noise and overwhelm.

If you value discernment, authenticity, connection and integrity, the social media marketplace is a very difficult place to navigate, and the prevailing formulae for sales and marketing is an assault to your nervous system and your dignity.

There has to be A Better Way.

If you are feeling the stuckness, trying to find out how to make a living from letting your gifts live in the world and how to reach your people in ways that do not compromise your integrity and authenticity then join us for this free webinar exploring the nature of the problem, the games we are being asked to play and what better might look like.

The core principle is that of Soul Alignment and Reach.


- A clearer understanding of the current social media and marketing landscape
- What a roadmap should include to make a living online
- The marketing games and players we encounter
- What Soul Alignment and Soul Retrieval is and why it is essential
- Guidelines on Brand, Messaging and Engagement alignment
- Guidelines on ethical / aligned use of AI Tools


DATE: 21 November 2023
TIME: Check your local time when registering


We firmly believe that if we are both aligned with our own integrity and authenticity and if we are congruent in our messaging, our branding, how we should up, honest about our values and our intentions, and about the value we are presenting to the world, we should not need to sell anything.

We cannot appeal to everyone, we cannot reach everyone, and not everything of meaning or value can be treated like or solved as a numbers game.

We implicitly believe that business can be beautiful and it can be both profitable and successful without compromising our integrity or our authenticity. We believe in abundance, and that there is more than enough to go around for everyone. The problem is not scarcity, it is a fear of scarcity.

It is absolutely reasonable to want to make a good living from having built our skills and experiences, and it is worthy and meaningful wanting to live closer to a calling which allows our gifts to live in the world. There cannot be right or only ways, but there surely have to be better and worse ways, and our vision is to find aligned people and work together in concert to find and explore A Better Way, together.

There is great power in conviction, congruence and connection.

We can take back the internet; it is not going to be easy or simple, but No One Else is Coming, and if we few cannot find a way, that is aligned with Meaning, a way will not arrive.

Hi, I'm Rocco

After a 27 year career in corporate that taught me a lot but also nearly cost me my soul I have been trying to find a way to allow my gifts to live in the world, and I was turned off by the bro-marketing and aggressive sales-funnel bullshit and the general un-wellness of social media. I was convinced there had to be a better way, that did not compromise my integrity or authenticity. This project is what it looks like when you refuse to lower your standards and you throw your whole soul into a belief that there is A Better Way.

I am a neurodivergent, autodidactic (self-taught), polymath with five years of experience guiding people through corporate rehab, psychological self-repair and mature spiritual awakening.

Currently, I am investing all my my curiosity, heart-alignment and considerable skills and experience to chart a course forward that is more aligned with ‘Soul’ -exploring and sharing ‘a better way’.


A Better Way is a product of Eyes Wide Open Life ( 


Copy, Art, Design, Philosophy and Layout by Rocco Jarman.


All my work, my life, is in the service of Project Shaduf.

Power is the measure of energy you refuse to waste or give away in the pursuit of acceptance.

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