Restoring Soul to Business

How to Make a Difference in the World

There are no ‘right’ ways or ‘only’ ways, but there are assuredly better and worse ways.

Join us on the journey as we explore the better ways!

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About A Better Way

For humans seeking alignment of business engagement with Soul.

A Better Way, is a growing project / community dedicated to Restoring Soul to Business aiming to serve all humanity, focused on and driven by aligned humans looking to find their voice, allow their gifts to live in the world, to be connected part of how we might redefine everything that has become ugly about business, marketing, engagement, promotion and so much more!

In time, we will cover all aspects of business, culture and engagement, but for now we have begun with the current challenge: how to find our people, how to allow our gifts to live in the world that needs light, courage and leadership, now more than ever!

We are building a community of creatives, promoters & engineers with complimentary skill sets to :

→ develop and share game-changing concepts, insights & practices

→ learn how to grow your business without compromising your soul


→ contribute to the evolving operating manual for aligned humans

→ be a part of something noble in the world

The word "content" implies a false equivalence
between something you spent days working on
and years learning how to do.

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Brand + Business Alchemy

Beautiful Words, Beautiful Design & Beautiful Experiences

I craft beautiful words.

I design beautiful processes.

I facilitate beautiful spaces.

I create beautiful experiences.

That is my Profession. That is my Occupation. That is my Calling.

That is my Purpose.

That is my source of meaning and my language of value.

Our Branding, Copy, our Engagement processes and our Websites should reflect the essence and character of our Soul, but it can be challenging navigating the tools, crafting the beauty and vulnerably extruding our essence into the world while still placing the human at the very heart of the experience.

This is what we do.


A Better Way is a product of Eyes Wide Open Life ( 


Copy, Art, Design, Philosophy and Layout by Rocco Jarman (Eyes Wide Open Life Brand Alchemy)


All my work, my life, is in the service of Project Shaduf.

Power is the measure of energy you refuse to waste or give away in the pursuit of acceptance.

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