"Acceleration is the one thing equal to a shortcut that loses nothing of value for the gain and reclaims the most vital non-renewal resource and commodity, which is time."

I facilitate Acceleration & Upgrade

What do I Accelerate?

Profound Awakening, Healing, Personal Growth and Actualisation for individuals.

What do I Upgrade?

I upgrade your operating system:  emotional competence, psychological and cognitive processing.

What are the Benefits?

Increased Vitality, better spiritual and mental health. A sense of Purpose and Meaning your life and a Calm Nervous sytem. 

Who do I work with?

Gifted and Aligned human beings, who are at pains to realise how to express their gifts meaningfully into the current unwellness of the world.

Welcome to Eyes Wide Open Life




Lead your Life.

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What is Unfolding?

A question with two meanings.

In the context of an Eyes Wide Open Life, Unfolding is the nature of consciousness, life, talent, purpose, and understanding.

In the spirit of that first answer, this section highlights the current courses, projects, workshops and offerings which are presented as our response to the first answer.

Accelerated Actualisation & Soul Retrieval for Leaders

By Application

The Game Changer of Accelerated Actualisation for Leaders

Isolated? Depleted? Anxious? Meaningless?

You wont believe how small you've been playing, until you break the game.

You did not come here for ordinary. Neither an ordinary life, nor an ordinary experience.

I have exceedingly rare skills and talents and a capability no one else has, so I can do what no one else can.

You have everything to gain.

Acceleration is the one thing equal to a shortcut that loses nothing of value for the gain and reclaims the most vital non-renewal resource and commodity, which is time.

– Rocco Jarman

What would you give to feel truly inspired again? 

What powerful leaders long for the most, is a combination of Certainty, Self-belief and Motivation.

I can give that to you. It isn’t going to be easy, and you will face a level of self-discovery that some people quail at, but you deserve to feel truly inspired again when no one is looking.

The cure for isolation, depletion, anxiety and a sense of meaninglessness is the same remedy.

There is a level to the game, a level of perception, self-mastery, serious lasting sense of peace that comes with access to a wellspring of vitality, that is within reach for a certain kind of player. 

– Self-Mastery

Calm Nervous System

Renewed Vitality

Better Sleep

Reconnect with Purpose

Feel Authentic and Inspired

Looking for something else?

Shadow Work for Geniuses*

Workshop - Small Group
(9 slots per workshop)

The Game Changing Framework for Self-Discovery and cultivation of Genius

Do you find yourself constantly walking on eggshells, feeling misunderstood not because of what you've said but because of others' limited perspectives?

Are you tired of having to slow down, mind your language and simplify your thoughts just to fit in?

As a society, we laud self-awareness, we appreciate geniuses, but paradoxically, we condemn geniuses who are self-aware enough to recognise their own genius.

How curious.

And when we fail to do this, when we deny our own claim to the contrary of these ‘proper’ commandments of modesty and humility, we become complicit in saying: “We are sick, please will you also be sick, we are so used to hiding in the dark, please to not shine your light and hurt our eyes.”

Talent hits a target no one else can hit,
Genius hits a target no one else can see.

– Arthur Schopenhauer

Self-Leadership & Self-Permission​

Honest Self-Knowledge: Move beyond false humility to understand and articulate your true capabilities.

Embrace Your Genius: Stop conforming to society's limited definitions and lukewarm expectations. Set your own standards and live by them.

Find Your Voice, Speak Your Truth: Learn to adapt your communication style and habits in a way that is both authentic and more impactive to others.

More Decisive, More Authentic​

Think Clearly / Act with Courage: Develop psychological acuity for 'reading the play' and acting accordingly.

No More Masks: Reclaim all the energy and bandwidth you spend trying to fit it and not offend anyone. Drop the facade and live life more fully as your own authentic self.

Find Your Tribe​

Connect with Peers: Connect with others who are on the same journey of authentic self-discovery and mutual growth.

See and be Seen: What geniuses long for the most is the sanctuary of sanity and acceptance held by others for long enough for them to let go of theirs. Be yourself and operate at your true level.

$ 119

* Genius is the distinctive ability to perceive, analyse, create, inspire, communicate and above all embody, in novel and profound ways that resonate deeply with the essence of human experience.

Looking for something deeper?


No bullshit, just real lasting change.

In the growing Game Changer Series, we merge serious and trusted science with venerable spiritual wisdom, grounded personal development, and the pragmatic contributions of corporate innovation frameworks like Agile.

We cut the fluff, avoid the pseudo-science, and leave out the spiritual junk food. What remains is the potent essence of understanding and practices that satisfies both the time-poor corporate executive and the soul-searching seeker in you. Are you prepared for a transformational journey?

Undo the psychological damage of Corporate culture and elevate your game with the Game Changer Series.

The Nested Cubes Model encapsulates a holistic understanding of human Actualisation, marked by the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and interconnected growth across multiple dimensions, touching on the complexity of the human experience. 

The slight offset of the inner cubes in the X, Y, and Z axis suggest the reality that ‘balance’ is dynamic, requiring constant adjustment and alignment.

A sanctuary for minds that dare to see beyond the obvious.



I am interested in pursuing Game Changing Acceleration and Actualisation


I am interested in exploring and connecting with Game Changing Philosophy and Ideas


I am interested in supporting Game Changing Projects & Resources for Every Day Life

you are most welcome

Our offerings are designed to provide transformative value to anyone, but they particularly resonate with gifted leaders and neurodivergent individuals, particularly people feel called to connect more deeply with Meaning, Purpose and Leadership.

One of the core principles on which this website, our organisation and all our offering and efforts rest, is the notion that Science and Spirituality are mutually relevant and relatable.

Rocco is an unusual soul with a rare set of gifts, skills and talents.


I do two major things here.

Accelerated Actualisation

The first is working with people who are ready to pursue an accelerated path of ‘actualisation’. 

There is a lot to that. 

My work is a deep and nuanced blend of science and spirituality that is challenging as it is rewarding.

Sharing Beautiful Ideas

The second, is sharing my game-changing ideas, concepts, philosophy and practices for anyone who wants to follow at a slightly gentler pace.


While my work by definition will be hugely valuable for everyone, it is afterall, all aimed at the question of human wellbeing, but my offerings are tailored to people of a certain stripe.

People that get more from my work tend to have one or more of the following configurations:

You are uncompromisingly dedicated to self-growth and radical self-ownership.

You are a high functioning neurodivergent / genius who is struggling to integrate with work and intimate relationships and norms.

You have a mature sense of spirituality, as well as a respect for science.

You are not captured by religious or political ideology.

To learn more about me and how I got this way

Devoted to the mapping and pursuit of the Human Potential

Great change begins with us.

My name is Rocco, 

I have dedicated my life to the project of actualisation of the human species and the pathways and operating systems that can accelerate our growth, healing and mutual alignment, in a necessary and refreshing tension between science and spirituality, that is utterly washed clean of ideology.

I have invested the last ten years of my life to developing the game-changing language, paradigms, insights and practices which span the full breadth and depth of our complex human lives, from the most intimate personal struggles to our noblest shared dreams.

Welcome to Eyes Wide Open Life, A Game Changer in Optimising our Human Potential. 

-here we are developing a complete roadmap and innovative approach for the actualization of self, meaningful relationships, and purpose-driven work, uniting scientific pragatism, spiritual wisdom and philosophical prudence.

For individuals, couples, families and the businesses that value them.

Lead your Life.

Podcast, Writing & Media

Rocco's Eyes Wide Open Life Podcast , Substack and Media

Or Browse Rocco's Humanitarian Projects

Stable Mutual Actualisation

Lead your Life

Total wellness without compromise.

For individuals looking to pursue Self-Mastery & Actualisation, in your self, in your relationship containers and family, and your occupation. Connection with Purpose.

Radical Self-ownership

– Healing generational trauma

– Avoiding and recovering from burnout

– Connection with Purpose


Self mastery

– Emotional competence

– Calm nervous system

– Improved sleep

– Improved libido / vitality

– Happier home-life.

Mind your Business

Fostering enlightened business environments.

For businesses and business leaders ready to champion the culture of the future, -the game-changing philosophies and practices required to foster aligned and enlightened business models.

 Leadership Paradigm Shift

 – Re-defining Success

 – Re-defining Performance

 – Channeling Inspiration

 – Revitalise yourself and your teams

Alignment with Meaning & Purpose

– Uplift of emotional competence and agnecy

 – Effective pastoral care

 – Effective personal development

 – Deeper community integration