let me give you the ultimate gift

I am the person people come to when they have tried everything and everyone else.  

I upgrade human consciousness and I am exceptionally good at it.  

I have helped so many people make such radical and lasting transformations; it is both possible, and priceless.  

If you are really ready to look honestly at what is holding you back, and done with looking away, I can diagnose the real cause in minutes, and help you take the corner in just weeks.

The average human life contains just under 5,000 weeks.  Working with me usually takes less than 9.  

it’s not too big of a statement to say that working with Rocco effectively cured my life-long cycles of depression and encouraged me to live bigger and with less fear. The greatest gift he gave me is my own self-belief.
Bryan Summers
Western Australia
I have turned to multiple counsellors and psychologists, over many years, and never got anywhere because they did not teach me about accepting my own nature. I got more in a few hours than I had in years. He gave me my life back.
Angela Bishop
Los Angeles

Growth & Healing are two side of the same coin;
Eyes Wide Open Life exists to accelerate both!

The Art and Practice of Stable Mutual Actualisation.

Eyes Wide Open Life, the website, the podcast and the YouTube channel are curated with the best insights to achieve rapid and effective healing and Actualisation in the context of Self, Relationships and Leadership. 


Announcing the first Quorum Aletheia Event
May 18

Quorum Aletheia is a series of Online Interactive Events, discussing topics related to the nature of reality, consciousness and the challenges of the present moment in the context of reconciled Science and Spirituality, in a thoughtful engaging manner.

These 90 minutes sessions will be structured as brief talks and presentations followed my moderated Q&A.

Exceptionally effective guided meditations, with lessons about mindfulness, surrender and conscious awareness that amplify the effectiveness and cut out everything that is unnecessary.