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We all live with a secret prayer: To be Whole and to be Home.

All the services, offerings, courses and content is aimed at the twin projects
of Expansion & Soul Retrieval.

Expansion is Actualisation. Actualisation is the pursuit of purpose,
which is the Meaning of Life.

Soul Retrieval, is the restoration of vitality, connection, belonging
which gives Life Meaning.

How can I help you in these projects of meaning making?

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Working with Rocco

I work with individuals, couples and professional teams who are looking for personal leadership & accelerated transformation: restoring connection, vitality, purpose and belonging.

Our lives are our practice.

Philosophical Mentorship  | Self-Mastery | Leadership

Creative / Business Alchemy

I craft beautiful words, I design beautiful processes,  I facilitate beautiful spaces and I create beautiful experiences. I partner with marketing & technical specialists who are similarly aligned.

Let me apply these gifts and talents of my purpose and my profession to yours.

Restoring Soul to Business

Everything we are currently doing in business, we could be doing better.  —From solo entrepreneurs looking to find ways to navigate the online business world in more aligned ways, to corporate businesses looking to ‘restore soul’ in their value chain.

—Currently focussing on Leadership, Branding, Engagement, Marketing & UX but with my 27+ year corporate career, background in agile, behavioural psychology, and philosophy nothing is off the table.

Business can be beautiful.

Most Recent Substack Articles

The Medicine of Understanding

Honouring our Soul's search for Meaning through inspiring and thought provoking writing.

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A Better Way

Webinar (and Booket)

Solving the Marketing / Reach Problem through Soul Alignment

Frustrated with the Social Media algorithms, stuck looking for a way to let your gifts live in the world without compromising your authenticity and integrity?

There are no ‘right’ ways or ‘only’ ways, but there are assuredly better and worse ways.

The problem is not scarcity, it is a fear of scarcity.

Join us on the journey as we explore the better ways!

This project is what it looks like when you refuse to lower your standards and you throw your whole soul into a belief that there is a better way!

—Rocco Jarman

If you value discernment, authenticity, connection and integrity, the social media marketplace is a very difficult space to navigate.

There has to be A BETTER WAY…

We are hosting a 2 hour FREE Webinar aimed at Creatives, Artists, Coaches, (any aligned entrepreneurs) who are looking for aligned guidance and insights on how to resolve the Marketing, Reach and Social Media algorithm problem.

If you are feeling the stuckness, trying to make a living from letting your gifts live in the world, to reach ‘your people’ in ways that do not compromise your integrity and authenticity join us, looking at the better ways.

What you will get

– A clearer understanding of the current social media and marketing landscape

– What a roadmap should include to make a living online

– The marketing games and players we encounter

– What Soul Alignment and Soul Retrieval is and why it is essential

– Guidelines on Brand, Messaging and Engagement alignment

– Guidelines on ethical / aligned use of AI Tools

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